The LivingSkills Mission

is to motivate people to practise new skills and achieve their goals.

Benefits for you

Changes working cultures from a problem/illness handicap focus to a capability/solution focus while genuinely involving customers

Improves quality and facilitates service quality assessment

Improves workflow and reporting

Ease-of-use – no special training required

One tool combines many separate work processes and decreases the time needed for reporting

Benefits in result-based purchasing

LivingSkills provides tailor-made web-based tools for assessing


Individual level

  • Skills, abilities and quality of life
  • Need for support
  • Skill training plan
  • Monitoring the development of skills

Organization level

  • Monitoring of impacts and results of interventions on the individual, unit and organization levels

Municipality level

  • Helps to assess the most suitable services and support level for customers
  • Evaluates productivity and impact of the service provider

The LivingSkills Tool can be used

As a rehabilitation tool in services for mental health patients and the disabled.

To evaluate support needs when working with the elderly or families in child welfare.

As an assessment tool for evaluating the quality of life of a service user and the well-being of their family

As a development and educational tool for leaders and consultants.


Our Beliefs

Finding a common goal is essential.

Customer focused processes need genuine contribution and dialog between all parties.

Our starting point is always customer needs and objectives.

All actions taken are targeted at supporting the customer in achieving their goals.

In the training process the skills trainee is the leader and the skills trainer is a supporter.

The needs for self-actualization, being respected and having a sense of belonging and acceptance motivate individuals .

If you see issues as skill gaps instead of problem-oriented thinking you can overcome difficulties and develop the new skills you need.

Everyone has usable skills.