Everyone has usable skills. LivingSkills makes strengths visible and motivates change for a good life.

LivingSkills is a resource-driven model and digital motivation tool for care relationship, service needs mapping and impact assessment.

All-in-one tool for many purposes

Individual level

  • Skills, abilities and quality of life
  • Need for support
  • Skill training plan
  • Monitoring the development of skills

Organizational level

  • Monitoring of impacts and outcomes of interventions on the individual, unit and organization levels

Municipality level

  • Helps to assess the most suitable services and support level for everyone
  • Evaluates productivity and impact of the service provider

The LivingSkills method and digital tools

LivingSkills Recovery

LivingSkills Recovery

For recovery-oriented mental health rehabilitation


LivingSkills ED

Family-based treatment of eating disorders


LivingSkills Family

For families with children and supporting young people

LivingSkills Empowerment

LivingSkills Empowerment

For the disabled or people in need of care

You learn to walk by stumbling first.

Feedback from professionals

  • "In the skills training process client is leading and I am supporting"
  • "When the client sees issues as skill gaps it helps to overcome difficulties and develop the new skills"
  • "We start more systematically from clients’ own needs and objectives"
  • "Our client work has become more goal oriented, towards client’s own goals"
  • "Clients have said to me that they feel more engaged and as equals"
  • "Active role motivates clients"
  • "We’ve noticed that successful processes need dialog between all parties"
LivingSkills Mix & Match

LivingSkills School

LivingSkills Rehab

LivingSkills Senior